Battlefield Event Information
Battlefield is an automatic event that occurs: Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 20: 00hrs.
The system will automatically balance the teams.
They are formed by two teams, the "Black Warriors" and the "Red Warriors".
If the final number of players within the event is odd, the system will expel the last player who joined the event.
When the 10 minutes of waiting pass the teleport will close and the time for the stones to disappear will be 2 minutes.
The Portal is on the left side of the temple.
The system is intended to kill all of the enemy team, and the surviving team members of the winning team will receive the reward.
Restrictions: Only players of level 80 or higher can participate, when dying in the evente does not lose (skill, level or loot).
Reward: 500k of exp, 200k of gold coins.
Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online