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  Tuesday, 13 Nov 2018 - UATibia Online 0.6.6
Dear players

The next release of the game client is here! In fact it brings quite a lot of changes.

Following changes were made since the last version:

* Changed the overall behavior of the fullscreen.
* Fixed static text duration to match the previous client.
* Changed the background art.
* Fixed loading settings for skill bars when the skill window was not visible at the start.
* Changed Linux architecture from 64-bits to 32-bits.

All files including the configuration itself (hotkeys, game windows position, and so on) will load properly. The new client release can to read old configuration file.

Please remove the old release from your computer on your own (deleting the directory in Program Files is more than sufficient).

The new game client is based on OTC and it is available in the following languages: english, deutsch, español, polski, portugues and svenska.
You can run the client in the operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and GNU/Linux.

That is all. I see you online, warriors!
Sincerely, Tatuy.
  by GM Tatuy
  Sunday, 11 Nov 2018 - New experience stages
Next I show you the new exp stages:
From LevelTo LevelExperience multiplier

I hope you have a nice day!
Sincerely, Tatuy.
  by GM Tatuy
  Sunday, 11 Nov 2018 - We are online now!
Ultima Alianza Tibia is a serious longterm lowrate RPG game with multiple worlds around the globe!

We combine the classic map of Guia3d with the Global map.
For more information, please visit the library:

Create your account already here:

Download the custom client to play here:

Port: 7171

Release date: [Saturday, November 10, 2018].
  by GM Tatuy
  Wednesday, 31 Oct 2018 - All Quests
Our server has all the old school quests!

•Rookgaard Quests
 1 Bear Room Quest
 2 Captain Iglues Treasure Quest
 3 Combat Knife Quest
 4 Doublet Quest
 5 Dragon Corpse Quest
 6 Goblin Temple Quest
 7 Katana Quest
 8 Minotaur Hell Quest
 9 Rapier Quest
 10 Short Sword Quest
 11 Small Axe Quest
 12 Studded Legs Quest
 13 Studded Shield Quest
 14 Torch Quest

•Mainland quests
 1 Alawar's Vault Quest
 2 Banuta Quest
 3 Barbarian Axe Quest
 4 Battle Axe Quest
 5 Behemoth Quest
 6 Berserker Treasure Quest
 7 Black Knight Quest
 8 Blood Herb Quest
 9 Bright Sword Quest
 10 Circle Room Quest
 11 Crusader Helmet Quest
 12 Dark Armor Quest
 13 Dead Archer Quest
 14 Deeper Fibula Quest
 15 Demon Helmet Quest
 16 Demona Quest
 17 Devil Helmet Quest
 18 Double Hero Quest
 19 Draconia Quest
 20 Edron Goblin Quest
 21 Elephant Tusk Quest
 22 Elvenbane Quest
 23 Emperor's Cookies Quest
 24 Explorer Brooch Quest
 25 Family Brooch Quest
 26 Fanfare Quest
 27 Fire Axe Quest
 28 Geomancer Quest Quest
 29 Ghoul Room Quest
 30 Giant Smithhammer Quest
 31 Griffin Shield Quest
 32 Helmet of the Ancients Quest
 33 Hydra Egg Quest
 34 Iron Hammer Quest
 35 Iron Helmet Quest
 36 Isle of the Mists Quest
 37 Life Ring Quest
 38 Longsword Quest
 39 Mad Mage Room Quest
 40 Medusa Shield Quest
 41 Mintwallin Cyclops Quest
 42 Naginata Quest
 43 Noble Armor Quest
 44 Orc Fortress Quest
 45 Orc Shaman Quest
 46 Ornamented Shield Quest
 47 Panpipe Quest
 48 Paradox Tower Quest
 49 Parchment Room Quest
 50 Plate Armor Quest
 51 Poison Daggers Quest
 52 Postman Quest
 53 Power Bolts Quest
 54 Power Ring Quest
 55 Queen of the Banshees Quest
 56 Ring Quest
 57 Sam's Old Backpack Quest
 58 Scale Armor Quest
 59 Serpentine Tower Quest
 60 Shaman Treasure Quest
 61 Silver Brooch Quest
 62 Six Rubies Quest
 63 Skull of Ratha Quest
 64 Small Ruby Quest
 65 Spike Sword Quest
 66 Stealth Ring Quest
 67 Steel Helmet Quest
 68 Thais Lighthouse Quest
 69 The Annihilator Quest
 70 The Desert Dungeon Quest
 71 The Djinn War Quest
 72 The Explore's Society Quest
 73 The White Raven Monastery Quest
 74 Throwing Star Quest
 75 Time Ring Quest
 76 Triangle Tower Quest
 77 Triple Ultimate Healing Rune Quest
 78 Troll Cave Quest
 79 Vampire Shield Quest
 80 Voodoo Doll Quest
 81 Waterfall Quest
 82 Wedding Ring Quest

It also has all the quests of Guia3d!

Ultima Alianza Tibia • Guia3d + Global v7.4

The server will be ready tomorrow!
Sincerely, Tatuy.
  by GM Tatuy
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